Moving to Lowreg from another registrar

Lowreg doesn’t charge for transfers in or out. 
All you need to do is change the tag to LOWREG and add the domains as transfers to a Lowreg order. You should add free domain hosting to each domain also. 
Do this prior to any tag change so you can set dns and email before changing nameservers. 
The tag gives the management to a registrar and they are the ones you would renew domains with. 
The nameservers can point to any host and doesnt have to be with the domain registrar. 
Once you’ve added an order and have a Lowreg account you can open a support ticket detailing anything you can’t sort and I’ll do my end. 
You are possibly in the position where you can’t for one reason or another release your TAG to LOWREG
If this is the case and you can’t wait until the tag change is available to you you can do the following at
Go to online services from the menu
Use the list password/reset using your registrant email
You are now logged into Nominet direct where you can merge all of your accounts if you have more etc
You can then pay £12 to Nominet for a tag change.  Remember the nameservers that point to your hosting and make your domains work does not change. 
So if you were using Lowreg for instance they would be
Hope this helps
Best wishes
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