Changing NAMESERVERS (0)

If you have a web site elsewhere and you want to point your domain to it, simply select the domain from within your lowreg control panel and use the modify nameservers option, this will then add them to the nominet records.

cPanel (2)

Information about everything you need to know about cPanel. You can either open a ticket and let us help, or visit and look at the great video guides to help you master your cPanel account.

DNS, CNAME & A records (0)

To manage any of these you will require a hosting account, we have them starting at £4 per year and all you have to do is enter the services option within your Lowreg control panel and log in to cPanel scroll to dns and follow the instructions. If you don't know what you are doing I would suggest looking at a cPanel tutorial or asking the provider who has asked you to make the DNS changes. As always at Lowreg, if you need any help please open a ticket and get in touch.

Domain Hosting Account to manage your domain. (0)

If you have forgotten to add the hosting account at registration or transfer, please just open a ticket and we will set it up for you.

How to renew domains (1)

If you sign into your Lowreg control panel, select domains and use the menu 'renew domains' from there you can select the domain you wish to renew and how many years you wish to renew it for. If you have received a domain renewal invoice, your domain will be renewed automatically on receipt of payment. Please always check the whois to make sure that your domain renewal was successful. As with anything here at Lowreg, if your unsure or require help please open a ticket and get in touch.

Lowreg Privacy Service (0)

You can find full details and review the terms of use at

Nominet TAG change (1)

Information about everything you need to know about changing your nominet TAG at LowReg. Here at Lowreg we have and always will have a free TAG change option. When releasing a TAG we no loger have any control over it and the new TAG holder will manage it and its renewal etc. Occasionally some TAG holders have a manual acceptance in place so you may not see the change immediately, this can not be reversed other than changing the TAG back to LOWREG of course and initiating a domain transfer. Select your domain from your control panel and 'release domain' option, type in the TAG and submit and thats it. As always any questions please open a ticket and ask.

Site Software - Softaculous - Wordpress etc (1)

Details of how to set up your one click installs and site software from Softaculous. When signed into your Lowreg control panel, select the services option and choose the site you are managing. From there select Cpanel login and scroll to the icon marked softaculous, here you can in a few clicks install lots of great software applications. Need a hand, please open a ticket and get in touch.

Want to forward you@yournewdomain to an existing email? (1)

Have you bought a new domain and want to use it for email or email forwarding? To do this you will need to add a hosting package, we have an entry Domain Hosting package you can add to your domain, any problems open a ticket and we will do it for you. To set up email fowarding, go to your lowreg control panel and select services, choose the service that matches the domain you are managing. Use one of the quick links or ideally use the log in to cPanel link and select email forwwarding from there and follow the easy instructions.

Wordpress (1)

Where to find and how to set up your wordpress installation. If you sign into your Lowreg account and select services, you can manage the service and enter cPanel, scroll to the icon labelled 'Softaculous' and you will see Wordpress, enter a couple of bits of information and in a couple of clicks your wordpress site will be live and ready to manage. As with everything at Lowreg, if you have a question please ask.

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